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Eyelash Extension

Master Lash & Nail Artistry: Our Comprehensive Course Curriculum

Our comprehensive lash and nail course covers everything from theory to practical application. You'll learn the latest techniques in lash extensions and nail artistry, with hands-on training from experienced professionals.

lash Course introduction

In this course you will learn everything and anything you need to know about eyelash extensions. From health and safety, application, styling, client management, photography and SO much more, this course will leave you filled with knowledge, ready to take on the lash industry. 


Courses are divided into 2 levels:

Basic Course L1: Course Fees ₹9,999, Duration 3 days

Course focus topics:

  • Classic Lashes full practicals & theory

  • Lash Shaping (Natural, Doll Eye)

  • Lash Removal

Master Class L2: Course Fees ₹29,999, Duration 7 days

Course focus topics:

  • Classic Lashes

  • Mascara Lashes

  • Hybrid Lashes

  • Volume Lashes

  • Lash Shaping (Doll Eye, Cat Eye)

  • Lash Removal


Class timings: Monday – Friday. 11am to 4pm. Course Eligibility: 8th Pass.

Lash Course curriculum

Module 1. Health and Safety 

  • Natural Lashes

  • Allergies and Irritation

  • Disinfection

  • Safety and Infection Control

  • Cleansing Lashes

  • Cleansing Your Own Lashes

  • Ergonomics


Module 2. Extension Fundamentals 

  • How Much to Extend?

  • Isolation

  • Base Attachment

  • Direction Control

  • Distance From the Lid


Module 3. Application 

  • Step by Step Application

  • Applying Eye Pads

  • Labelling Lengths

  • Stretching Lids

  • Order of Lashing

  • Lashing Outer Corners

  • Stickies

  • Refills

  • Removals


Module 4. Adhesive 101 

  • Environmental Effects 

  • How Much Adhesive 

  • Retention 

  • Chapter Recap and Tips 


Module 5. Eye Styling  

  • Eye Shapes

  • Lash Styles

  • Inner Corner Lashes

  • Layering

  • Direction of Lashes

  • Real life Examples


Module 6. Client Management 

  • Consultations

  • Timing

  • Pricing

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