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Chennai Fashion: 10 Secrets to Long-Lasting Lash Extensions by GlamSquad Salon

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Follow these 10 insider tips to make your lash extensions last really long.

Follow these 10 insider tips to make your lash extensions last really long.
Lash maintenance secrets from our experts.

Lash extensions have become a go-to beauty enhancement for the young and fashion-forward women of Chennai, and we at The GlamSquad Salon want you to make the most of your stunning lashes. Here are some personalized tips to help you extend the life of your lash extensions:

1. Choose a Certified Lash Technician:

Start your lash journey by selecting one of our certified and experienced lash technicians at GlamSquad. Our experts will ensure your extensions not only look fabulous but also last longer.

2. Protect Your Lashes for the First 24-48 Hours:

After your lash extensions are applied at GlamSquad, avoid getting them wet for the first 24 to 48 hours. Water can weaken the adhesive, so give your lashes time to set and stay in place.

3. Use GlamSquad's Recommended Lash Cleanser:

Clean your lashes regularly with a gentle, oil-free lash cleanser. Use a soft brush or disposable mascara wand to delicately brush through the extensions. Ask for a complimentary one after your service. Clean lashes are less likely to attract oil and debris that can break down the adhesive.

4. Gently Pat Dry, no rub!

After cleansing your face or lashes, gently pat them dry with one of our soft, lint-free towels instead of rubbing. Rubbing can cause friction that may damage the extensions.

5. Avoid oil based Products:

Oil-based makeup removers and skincare products can break down the lash adhesive. Opt for oil-free options to ensure the longevity of your lash extensions.

6. Sleep Glamorously:

Sleep on your back or with your face off the pillow to prevent any friction that could cause lash loss. A comfortable sleeping posture can help a lot for maintaining those stunning lashes.

7. Schedule Regular Refills at GlamSquad:

Remember that lash extensions have a natural growth cycle, and your own lashes will shed over time, sometimes even from the first day. To keep your lashes full and fabulous, book regular lash extension refills every 2-4 weeks with us.

8. Skip the Mascara, Trust us!

While GlamSquad's lash extensions add volume and length, resist the urge to use mascara on them. Our extensions are designed to provide the perfect glam look without clumping or damaging your lashes.

9. Ask GlamSquad for Lash Serum Advice:

Lash serums can promote natural lash growth but may also weaken the bond between the extensions and your natural lashes. If you choose to use them, consult with your lash technician for guidance.

10. Handle Your Lashes with Care:

Finally, remember to treat your lash extensions gently. Avoid tugging or pulling on them and resist the temptation to play with or twist them.

Your lashes are a statement of your style, and with GlamSquad's personalized care tips, you can enjoy them for weeks to come, looking your fashionable best in Chennai's dynamic scene.

To see what kind of lash extensions are available, click here. Call 6379522874 for bookings.

Glam up, Gorgeous!

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